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Can you buy replacement saddles for the Tune o Matic or Wrap Around Bridges?


New member
Nov 9, 2022
Got a Wilkinson wraparound bridge for a Les Paul Jr and a Gotoh Tuneomatic along with a Gotoh aluminum tailpiece which I believe is there Nashville style one for my Les Paul. Is it possible to buy brass, aluminum, or steel saddles that fit these to upgrade the cheap zinc ones? Are there steel or aluminum studs and screws that will fit these for the tune o matic and the Tailpiece? Did they ever make the original tuneomatics out of Stainless Steel or has it always been zinc? Heard they were made out of aluminum at one point. Couldnt find any aluminum tuneomatics or wraparound but found a aluminum tailpiece. On a heavy Les Paul aluminum hardware would help and it seems aluminum resonates like brass from what ive read and listened to on Youtube.