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Custom shop vs Murphy lab.


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Jul 6, 2022
Are Murphy labs guitars given to them to relic from the custom shops or are the building their own from Gibson parts.
also where is this made to measure come into play. I’m an old guy with old les Paul’s and don’t understand all this custom shop ,from labs other than astronamical prices ! Thank you Rick
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Nov 3, 2007
Murphy lab refers to the finishing process. Gibson builds the guitars. MTM is a program where a customer can go to a Certified Gibson dealer and spec out their guitar for the custom shop to build for them. You can choose your finish and color. The neck shape and size. What pick up you want etc.
With a MTM order, one of the things you can decide on is level of aging. If you were to choose NOS or VOS, Gibson would do the painting and finish. If you wanted light aged to ultra heavy aged, the entire painting finish process is done by the “Murphy Lab” department.