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devided by 13 amps


Active member
Mar 17, 2009
i am wondering what you guys think of them, i am gonna be rocking my les paul thru it if i buy one so who better to ask then a buncha les paul slingers, i dont really know which one i want, i am playing small clubs and house partys(college student) but i cant get along with the fender sound i have been playing with forever(first amp was a fender 6 years ago) i jjust want something more marshally i dont know where exactly to go, i have tried orange, /13,suhr, swarts,victoria, and a few others i just cant find the sound i want out of any of these amps AHHHHH. and for the time being i dont run any pedals so what suggestions do you guys have


New member
Jun 14, 2002
I've owned 4 models and played others. They are all quite different. If you are looking for lots of overdrive, singing leads, the RSA23 is a good choice that is specifically voiced to have a Marshall vibe. But seriously for small clubs (if playing covers) you just can't beat a good clear amp with decent headroom and really good pedals. You'll have a lot better chance of shaping the different types of overdrive and gain that different styles of rock music require. Divided by 13 amps have a very wide palette of voices depending on model.