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Epiphone Casino Natural

konrad gibson

Active member
Mar 30, 2006
The company 1957 bought by Gibson got a long history. Watching Beatles videos and listening to the Beatles´Revolver album and the fact that they used Epiphone Casinos ( 1966 American tour, too) I picked up a China made Casino Natural. I have to say great craftmanship and really superb sounding P 90s. Volume and tone knobs between 8 and ten give you excellent tonal possibilities and useful solo volume @ 10 . A really beautiful guitar but not for people who go for high gain and hard/ heavy rock. If you love vintage sounds , jazz and blues (BB King....)it may be the right guitar for a really acceptable price...



Well-known member
Mar 13, 2006
I picked up an ebony faded 6-8 months ago. By far my favorite plinker. Sounds unusually good/clear unplugged which makes it great to grab and go. Best of my 6-8 semi-hollows (unplugged). Electronics are fair. A tad boomy perhaps. Could use more upper fret access, too.