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F/S 1962 Fender Brown Deluxe


Aug 31, 2003
Selling a 62 Brown Deluxe in very good condition. Has seen some play time through the years, but still presents well with a light patina. Speaker is an original cone Jensen P12Q from 1959. A few coupling cap changes, including the filters. Tube chart is well worn and the footswitch is a dead ringer for the original. All transformers and pots are original and clean. This is a killer sounding, unmolested Brown Deluxe with the right stuff. Ready to gig or for your collection. Many pics available. $4400. Local pickup preferred. Cash sale, I no longer take PayPal or any other services that want my SS number or would like to gift me with a 1099 at year end. Located in South central Harrisburg PA.
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