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Fender DRRI ailing!


New member
Jul 15, 2001
Hi all!
After playing my DRRI a few minutes a slightly less than voice level buzz erupted. Turned off standby, turned it back on again and buzzing resumed. Constant buzzing, whether guitar was plugged in or not. Guitar audible, but at only 30% volume with a kind of ghosting distortion (think tuberculosis).
Do you think it's a preamp tube? Or something more dastardly?


New member
Aug 25, 2001
Sounds like a tube...

Start with the preamp tubes, looking at the back of the amp, turn the amp on and pull one preamp tube at a time 'til the buzz goes away. Example:

Start with V1, it's the tube all the way to the right. With the amp on, pull the tube out. If the buzz goes away... viola! Just replace the tube with one that is known to work right. If the buzz doesn't go away, put V1 back in the amp and pull out the next preamp (V2) tube.

If that doesn't do it... turn the amp off and replace the 6V6 power tubes, both of 'em, with a pair that you know works well.

If that doesn't work... off to a good amp tech you go.


New member
Dec 2, 2005
Also, make sure you haven't put something, like another amp, real close. I did that once and the magnet on the 2nd amp made the reverb coils whine something awful till I figured out the problem.