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Fender Pickups: Texas Special vs Fat '50s

S. Cane

Active member
Dec 10, 2014
So, leaving aside the old MiM vs MiA discussion, I'd like to know your opinions on the pickups, concerning tone, not exactly quality.

My main guitar is an American Standard strat which came with the custom shop 50s, and I am seriously thinking of buying another strat or a tele with different tone.

So, how do you guys like the Texas Specials and how would you describe the tone compared to the Fat '50s?


New member
Sep 17, 2014
I whipped both the sets you have mentioned above from my Stratocasters.
I have a MIJ that had Texas & a CS that had Fat 50's.
I will say this though, when the MIJ had the TS in it I took to my mates place & put it through his Vox Ac100 head and cab, and the tone could only be described as classic Stratocaster sound, so that if some turkey was to walk past it would leave no question of "I wonder if that's a Fender or a Burns?" :hee