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Gibson CS LP '68 Reissue Gold Top Survey


New member
Apr 17, 2003
I just wanted to know from the owners of these instruments, what they think, good or bad, about their particular guitar. I am considering purchasing one.



Well-known member
Jan 5, 2005
I've had the 2 originals of these, a GT-P90 and the LPC, when they were first introduced in 1967-68.
I didn't prefer these to the original LP's or to the R series of LP, ( not the reissue of the '68 versions, but the historic reissues, such as R9's, et.al. )

I just don't see what the fascination is with these '68 versions of LP's. But, there must be something.

Red Baron

Well-known member
Jul 14, 2004
I think the fascination is mostly in the attention to detail. They did a pretty good job of reproducing the original 68 specs, but obviously the lighter weight, lower price, and availabilty compared to the originals is a big factor.

I also had a couple of original 68 GT's in the past and I considered buying one of these 68 Historic Reissues, but decided to buy a new R4 instead, which I'm very happy with.

Mark Kane

All Access/Backstage Pass
Jul 18, 2001
I picked up one of the newer reissues a while back. It’s not one of the aged ones. It has the crown on the headstock and Les Paul logo on the truss rod cover. Weighs right at 9lbs. I’ve never enjoyed P 90’s as much as I do with this guitar. And the neck is crazy comfortable, it seems to be thinned out in the middle and tapers up on both ends. Reminds me of the old J. Page guitars but no where near that radical. Love this guitar.