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Gibson CS Modern Double Cut Custom inbound


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2005
I have my CS LP's and a RI '63 335 currently.
I was looking at an SG, but my past experience with an original '61 SG LP Standard with a rubber neck and the new ones, which I have tried also have a wobbly neck, so I decided to try a Modern Doublecut, which is currently on it's way to me.

Anyone else play or own one of these?

I am hoping for the best with this as there are none around where I live to try before buying.
I do have the return policy, but this is the only guitar I have been interested in lately to try, especially since it contains all the newest Gibson features.


Well-known member
Apr 14, 2007
Cool! I haven't gotten to play one of these, but I really like the way they look. Hope you enjoy it!

Scott L

Nov 4, 2008
When a local dealer closed up shop I picked up several Gibsons on a package deal, one a Modern DC Gold Top Standard.

I thought is was excellent, if not for a friend who fell in love with it, I would have had it on the Keeper Rack. Very comfortable to play - love the back contour, the neck was a nice handful without being a club. Fantastic access to the 24 frets.

If an opportunity / deal came along for another I would not hesitate to get another.