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Gibson Labs speakers


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Jul 9, 2012
Anyone have specs/info on Gibson Labs 12" speaker model C300S100F? They are labeled "Electar," and "Computer optimized for optimum performance." 100wrms and 16 ohms.


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Feb 28, 2024
I have a pair of these, but they are branded as KICS Model is C300S100F, 100W, 16 Ohm.
They came out of a very well used 90's 4x12 Crate cabinet.
I assumed somebody blew one pair of the Crate OEM's and used these to back fill.
There was a pair of Crate 30W OEM 12's in the cabinet with these but the KICS were way overpowering them.
I did play with them for a while, maybe 10 hours, and they sound pretty good and loud. I have since pulled them, and since they sound so nice that I am planning on building a new 2 x 12 birch cabinet around them with a Marshall 8008 Valvestate to create a custom combo amp.
There is very little known about these or this brand. I did e-mail http://www.kicschunil.com/contact-staff.asp. The Chunil Group, as they are the owners of this brand now, probably since the 90's and are in Korea. I am asking for any specs they might have on these.
If I hear back from them, I will update this thread, I know this is a very old post, but what the heck. I wanted to know the specs so that I can design the right box for them.
I am guessing others will stumble into these, and they are heavy and appear to be well made to last.


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