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Had a fun weekend @ show.. and Question


Active member
Jul 16, 2001
Not a huge show this year (TEX*US show at SF Cow Palace)

BUT I *did* get to meet a celebrity!!

I got to play 0 7450 as featured in BoB on pg 166. It turns out it belongs to a friend of mine.. Never knew it until Sat. :)
Nice and light if it was even 8 lbs, I'll buy lunch. Didn't care too much for the action, too low IMHO, but it did sing nicely with dem dare PAFs... I offered to trade him my 00R9, but he told me that I should go have sex with myself, or something along those lines.

Also I found a Historic '59 335, but I was heavily suspicious of the guys' validity.. The nickel was pretty heavily aged in spots, and the pickups had some slight aging in spot, but for the most part they were still new shiny in others. He said it was brand new, only two weeks old and that nickel ages "really fast". I asked if it was a Tom Murphy age job, and he didn't know who Murphy is. Claims to be a Historic dealer. So I was tempted to tell him how full of shit he was, but I was in too good of a mood, so I just smiled and walked away. He wanted $3895 for it.. A really piss poor age job if it is indeed a "aged" model.. no ambering, pick marks in the plastic sheet on the pickguard !?!?!?, and really uneven oxidiation on the pickups.. I mean they're shiny in spots and dull in other's??
Same with the tailpiece.. Huh??

The Serial number was A 911XX, So does anybody know if they are actually shipping 01' 59 335s. or what the above serial number really is?? It fits as a 59 01 number but it's in a A XXXXX format instead of a X XXXX format like an LP..