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Heads up - ExcJazz Lessons anyone?


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Jan 14, 2005
Heads up - Excellent Jazz Lessons anyone?

If you are struggling to get your head and hands around jazz harmony, comping, solo construction...Barry Greene's video lessons are a Godsend. Barry's library of lessons is huge and he continuously posts new detailed lessons on technique, tunes, subjects...and patiently explains it all in high quality video with PDFs in notation and tabs.

I'm just a satisfied "student" and am sharing because: a) I have learned much here at LPF and appreciate the generosity; and b) I know how hard folks like Barry work to make a living and want him to succeed; and c) these are the best online jazz lessons I have been able to find.

Check him out for 3 days, free of charge:

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Sep 16, 2020
Originally Posted by Titanstudent
Is this offer still active? I mean a 3 days trial. I study at VanderCook College of Music in Chicago and need a bit of practice with my jazz guitar skills. I was looking for a tutor to
hire essay writer for my music class (theory).

I've been checking Barry's webpage for years, but never bought anything. I'm planning to use the promocode for the first month: 25OFFONEMONTH2020.There's a 7-day free trial (which I used) and afterwards, $19.99 per month and $179.99 per year.