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Hi, new member. These be my amps.

May 10, 2024
Hey, I started getting back into playing a couple years ago, and am currently getting ready to set up the recording rig I peiced together, and start jamming on a bunch of song ideas I put together over the last couple years with a local drummer I met.

I will be breaking the sound ordinance with the following amps and cabs

4 hole Hiwatt Custom Shop DR103 (king of the roost) loaded with vintage Mullard ECC83'S and a quad of vintage Mullard EL34's into a 16 ohm Boogie Halfback 2x12 with alnico Coffee Can EV SRO 12's, and a 1970's Fane Purple loaded Hiwatt 4x12.

NMV Ampeg VT22 converted to a head on top of a Bogner 4x12B copy loaded with 2 Fane Medusa 30's and two alnico Coffee Can EV SRO 12's and an Electric Amps Green 4x12 loaded with two vintage EVM12L's and two vintage Celestion G12H100's.

4 hole Reeves DR504 (my #2) loaded with Mullard, Telefunken, and RFT ECC83's and a quad of SEDEL34'S on top of two Marshall JCM800 4X12's. A Lead 4x12 loaded with 4 vintage Celestion G12-65's (75hz lead cones), and a Bass 4x12 loaded with 4 vintage Celestion G12-65's (55hz bass cones).

Matamp GT150 into a SWR Goliath III 4X10.

Typically I split my signal with my Fulltone Tube Tape Echo sending one side to either the Hiwatt or Reeves, and the other to the VT22, so I can add that delicious and deep cavernous vintage Ampeg reverb on one side.

Here are some snap shots of some of them.


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  • Screenshot_20231002_173811_Photos.jpg
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Active member
Jan 17, 2003
Wow!!! ...and to think, I have cut my fire power down to 15 - 30 watt amps. But then again, I am using a Kia Soul to transport.
May 10, 2024
Am I included in the caption on the slant cab?


Idk, you tell.me if you ever thieved any of my stuff or hated on me because you couldn't deal with the things I said and did.

It's for a Electric Wizard meets High On Fire type metal band I want to start. I had a red Explorer III P90 I had modified with a B5 and roller bridge and nut and planned to paint "Man is Meat" and Murder is the ultimate form of self expression" translated into Latin on the guitar.
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