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I put Alnico V's in my Antiquities


LPF Tone Chaser
Jul 26, 2001
thanks for the info Mark and 60Burst

...so i won't spend any time with Fralins because i'm looking for "transparent" and not too dark tone.
I love moded Antiquity's in my 59 Historic but i want something different for my 58.
I dont want them both sound the same...

...so it seems that HD's or Holmes or even Burstbuckers would be good choices for my 2nd guitar ?

I play in a Plexy 100W reissue running with 2 EL34 power tubes (so it runs 50W), and 4X12 Greenbacks.
Gaston play on a vintage Plexy 100W and 4X12 Vintage 30's, AND for small gigs, guess what... a little Fender Pro Junior !
But i have to say that Gaston's Historic does not sound "the same" as my Historic, but both sound so Good :wow We can clearly hear the different voices of each guitar...or pickups.
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