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Jimmy Page Wiring - which schematic is 'correct'?


New member
May 17, 2010
Hi all
I'm considering converting my '96 Standard to Jimmy Page wiring. I'm experienced with doing this kind of work and know my way around guitar and amp schematics.

However, having done a search for a JP wiring schematic I've actually found loads - and theyre all different! I've no idea which is the 'correct' one and the various combinations of wires to the dpdt switches seem endless!

Here are the different versions I've found...
http://www.blueskillet.com/images/G...07-06-18 Jimmy Page with Treble Bleed Dwg.jpg

So my questions are... which of these is the best to use? ..and do they all basically have the same combinations of sounds but just with different ways of activating them (up, down, etc)??

Many thanks! :)