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just blew my mind

andy k

New member
Dec 6, 2006
Hi guys,
i recently posted in the amp section about my new class5 aquisitions, and am still very much in the honeymoon phase--
Briefly, i read up on the class 5 ,and how it can great sounding , but a bit too loud for home use when you get it in the sweet spot , unless it is modded in some way.
i got an unmodded combo, and had to hook it up through an attenuator to let me use it quietly , and then i scored a fully modded pin up half stack-- which i have just been playing with tonight, a lot later than i would normally play.
I have a hall of fame reverb in the loop , and a small pedalboard with 4 pedals-- 3 overdrive/ distortions and a cheap digital delay.
i got everything balanced volume wise, and then tried to work out how many switchable sounds i have, I make it 15 sounds x 3 pickup selections=45 distinctly different sounds, with a bit of tap dancing.
My Lester is set up with out of phase Throbacks, so there is quite a drastic change in sound just from the pickup selector, and the OOP setting works really well to tame what could be mush from 3 distortions at the same time.
I was quite surprised how many options there are with just 4 pedals--- my POD floorboard can only store a bank of 4 sounds any one time,, even tbough there are about 50 banks to store.
it is late, so sorry for rambling.
cheers guys
andy k