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Just bought a T-top and nearly necro’d a 12 year old topic, google you suck.


May 23, 2020
I am presently customising one of my reissues in homage to the zep tone, my v2 neck 60th anni is getting a low output cream in the neck with an A3 mag in it, and a slightly hotter neck with a A2. Also twisting the input jack cover around 45 deg for version pre ’72, the other thing I want to do is properly spec the post ‘72, (still looking for a suitable guitar for that project.) its getting a seventies t-top in bridge, with a slightly hotter neck A3. Leaving the cover on the t-top as it is undisturbed as purchased.. plus I read that the wires are more exposed which might make them more easily damaged and cause issues I would rather not have to deal with. But damn , searching for info google presents a 12 year old topic, way to go with relevance google.