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Lots of 'white noise'/crackling Gibson Les Paul Classic 2021

Henry James

New member
Jun 23, 2022
I've got this Les Paul Classic sunburst 2021 as a gift. Bought in a quality store, guarantee etc.etc. Now I am a beginner so a lot is new for me. So I am not sure if this 'problem' wasn't there allready.
I was playing an open High E chord, and my amp (Marshall MG CD15) was in overdrive mode. And I heard a cracking noise, touching the E-string. So I recognized an electrified noise, that was not pleasant.
And I discovered there was a lot of radio-signal or interference. When I placed my hand in the neighbourhood of the jack, I discoverd this noise dissapeared.
Then I decided to test another cable from guitar to the amp, same result. Then I put my fingers/hand on the square of the jack and also the noise dissapeared.
Is there something wrong with the plughole/jacket were guitarcable is pushed into the guitar? Or do I have to do extra shielding of that Jacket hole?

By the way the above is when the guitar-amp is in overdrive mode. When I put it on a clean mode, there is no such crackling or radio-noise. It is only when its on 'Overdrive Select' = OD on the front panel of the amp)
and with more gain.