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loud hailer

andy k

New member
Dec 6, 2006
just a heads up,
new JB album has started streaming,
truly breathtaking, amazing effort, very brave, deserves as much recognition as it can get.
and its just another jeff beck album,
except-its a bit different.
mostly songs,
mostly songs that wont get played, at least on mainstream media,
I usually dont 'buy' new music,
but I am going to buy this, and buy copies to give to my friends-- it must be heard.
i know its not LP related, but theres guitarists, and then theres Jeff Beck.
anyway--you heard it here first--
cheers guys
andy k


Mar 1, 2013
My local "classic rock" station played a tune from the new album last week. I thought it sounded great and i'll probably end up purchasing it as well.