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Meet Blue. SG Time Again!


Active member
Jun 11, 2003
wow....great !!! my kind of guitar!!!!! the power trio is really cool too!!!! congrats!!!!

Sean French

Well-known member
Jan 23, 2006
I ordered a 50's style Aluminum Wraptail and knob pointers from Philadelphia Luthier. Excellent quality USA made parts.(y)
Wasn't digging the Zinc Lightning Bolt. Uneven string heights at the bridge and it didn't yield good intonation.
My SG Junior came stock with the 50's type Aluminum, and I got that one intonated quite well.
So, I wanted one on Blue.
Intonated well, even string height at the bridge and a bit more added chime and jangle from the Aluminum.

Me, I've gotta have pointers on my Gibsons. 😎

BTW, Blue went from 6 Lbs. 9.9 oz. to 6 Lbs. 8.5 oz from the bridge swap. 6 Lbs. 8.7 oz with the pointers added. lol 🎸

IMG_1738.JPG IMG_1739.JPG

ch willie

Well-known member
Jun 7, 2007
I love it. Got mine just over a week ago. Definitely a keeper. It’s so light, and those P90s—aren’t they amazing?