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MetroAmp JTM45, local pickup Nashville $1500


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Nov 6, 2016




Hey there, got this not too long ago from a lady/brother selling it off of her estate online. She wasn't sure who did the wiring but it looks fantastic & professional. As you likely know, these were offered for a short period of time and are discontinued. I'm not sure where the head box came from, either a reissue from Marshall or an aftermarket thing. Sounds incredible, though a hair of tube rattle, you can read about these searching on this forum or at the URL below. I came into a '72 50W head, so although they don't sound the same some stuff has to go because y'know: money!

Shoot me any questions if you're interested. Sorry, will not ship as I've had to many well packed amps coming my way that got eaten alive in shipping, yuck.