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MGL50 Limited Run w/ Real Mustard Caps


Les Paul Forum Member
Nov 27, 2001
Now available, a limited run of MGL50 amp heads being built with all (NOS) real Mustard caps and include (NOS) RFT - Siemens EL34 power tubes!! These amps use the same components as the regular MGL50 including: 1w carbon film resistors, mil spec teflon wire, PEC 2w pots, in-house made turret boards, Merren Audio hand wound paper bobbin 784-139 output transformer, Metropoulos "Zero Loss" effects loop w/ true bypass switch, these builds also use ARS 50/50 filter caps that are copies of the period correct blue LCR caps that Marshall used. Swanson Cabinet made head box available in 26" or 24" with some choices of custom color tolex at no extra charge. The prototype has been done for a few weeks and really sounds great! The best description I can give is that the amp bridges the gap between a plexi and standard JMP or JCM800 master volume. The mustard caps certainly add some of the old plexi - non master tone, sweet and complex, but at the same time, plenty of Marshall snarl, bite and attitude! I don't have a large stash of the mustard caps so I can't say how long the run will last. Please call or email for more info. PRICE $2,700.00