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Mini Humbucker replacement options?


Jun 6, 2002
Just would like to hear ideas and experience with the various options available when considering replacing the stock Gibson mini-humbuckers on the DeLuxe etc....???

I've got a DiMarzio DLX-81 in the bridge positoin of my guitar now. I've decided to replace it. I'm either going to replace the original pickup or put a pair of something "exotic" in it..

Tell me about THE best sounding mini pickups YOU have heard...


Active member
Feb 16, 2003
2 weeks ago I played a used deluxe at a store buy my house with the Seymour Duncan replacements......I wasn't blown away buy it. I was BS'ing with the owner of the store (its a small vintage gtr shop on Ling Island.) and he said he didn't like them either.....I went back their yesterday and he put in a set of Seymour Duncan Stacked P-90's (humbucking)......what a differemce....They sounded very cool!