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Music Man Amps


Jul 6, 2010
Finally found time to set up and test out my newly repaired HD130R. Holy guacamole, I forgot just how loud this thing is. The stock 12's are doing just fine, so I'll have to find another use for the JBL's. And overdriving the preamps doesn't sound bad, either. A very '70's classic rock kind of distortion. No pedal needed for that. Now if I just had a use for something this freaking loud... :wow


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Mar 10, 2024
Does anyone on here besides myself have any Music Man Amps they are my favorite for my Les Paul and Johnny Winter still has one too

I love my HD 130

what about you guys

and PICs would ROCK
Got a RD50, 1-10..Last batch from the factory around 81-83. Got the receipt somewhere. $323.xx.New in orig box. I was keeping the amp in the box. Let my son play it awhile. His girlfriend hijacked the box. around 96-97( Ugh )..Got the amp back. Still greatest thing out there.Wish they were hand wired.& had layouts so we could clone them..Tried loading a photo, system says it's too large..


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Jun 9, 2007
Go into the photo editor on your computer and reduce the size to 25%


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Feb 16, 2012
I know Waddy Watchel used one back in the day. I know a guy who has had a few and plays old Ibanez guitars through them.

This one sounds excellent. I believe he used the HD130.

I almost bought one with a 15" speaker and white tolex a few months back, but I don't need one. If I found the right 100-watt in a head, I would buy it, maybe.

I cued this clip up.



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Jun 27, 2003
I bought a HD-130 in 1975 and played it to death until the RD-100’s came out. I got the RD100 and the trick to using pedals with is to use the effects loop and have a tubes powered pedal to warm it up. I used it until 1986 when I got a 1969 Marshall 50 head. But about 6-7 years back, one of my customers gifted me a RD100 that’s mint and has the cover. He didn’t like it compared to his ‘60’s Marshall’s.
I put an Alnico Celestine in mine, the 90 watt cream back. The make of EL34’s matters too. The old Millard’s sound best. I tried some old GE 6CA7’s in it and it was too clean!