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NGD - Any Vintage Ibanez Love?


Well-known member
Dec 3, 2006
I had several Ibanez Doublenecks one of which was this AR1200................it played great and sounded great but as you can imagine it WAS heavY.:hank

YES! Super cool!

Did they make a 24-fret version?

How many dials, toggles and switches can you fit onto one (or two) guitars?!?
Do you recall what they do? My guess: I see two pickup selectors, one for each neck; one master switch to go between (or engage both) necks, four mini-toggles, possibly for coil tapping? (or Morse code or engaging the flux capacitor or a fog machine...); five rubber gripped speed knobs (very late 70s!) four of which are the usual volume/tone but are they per pickup depending on neck or are they just for each neck? I don't know what the fifth knob does. I think it's either a master volume or strobe light speed control.

Wow. That's just a crazy-awsome guitar!

Cliff Gress

Well-known member
Aug 26, 2004
A friend just picked up a AS53. He is raving about it. I haven't seen it other than pics. Looks very handsome.

Opinions on the guitar? Are you getting a lot of guitar for little dollars? Ibanez makes a whole series of these Artcores. The AS73 in Amber caught my eye.

Thanks in advance