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NGD - Slash Les Paul Standard


New member
Aug 1, 2021
A few years ago I bought a 2016 Les Paul Studio HP. I liked it at the time, but never quite clicked with it. Maybe it was the neck shape, hot pickups, plain maple top, or a combo of all three.

I sold it a few months ago, and the search for a new LP began. I looked at the 60s Standards, but didn’t like the slim neck. The 50s Standards? Don’t quite love the Heritage Cherry or Tobacco Burst. Then I ran across this used Slash Standard in November Burst at a local retailer. Love at first site! As soon as I grabbed it and played a little, I was doomed to purchase it.

Only “issues“ are cosmetic: a small ding on the lower bout and the inlays aren’t centered on the fretboard... but it plays beautifully. I own a few Teles (my favorite guitar) and a Strat, but I sure am glad to have a Les Paul back in my collection. 480B0324-6098-47C9-B036-1BA356D9D76E.jpeg


Active member
Jul 10, 2003
Beautiful! What pickups are in it and how do they sound? Does it have 500K pots?


Sep 26, 2020
These look reallly nice… I think the fatter neck is really helpibg making them more playable too and adds to their tone.

El Gringo

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2015
|Y|Eah, it could be the angle of the pic, but 9, 12 and 15+ seem to be slightly off.
Weird right ? I thought this was all done by CNC ? As far as the boards and the inlays . They source the boards then the machine punches out the spots for the inlays and how do you get this ?