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One month in and I still love this damn guitar

Blues Lawyer

Mar 16, 2023

A month ago, I got my second Les Paul Custom: a 2014 with a great top that, frankly, specs wise is nearly the same as my 68' Reissue with the only exception being that, because it's 2014, it has a Richlite fretboard.

A month in and I still love this guitar. I can't notice any real difference between the ebony and the Richlite when playing, in no small part, because the inlays on Customs take up so much real estate anyway. Audibly, there's no difference that I can discern. And, when I stop trying to listen for a reason to not like the guitar, instead, I hear a guitar that is a keeper.


Jan 16, 2024
I have been gassing hard for a Les Paul Custom in ebony. I have never purchased a brand new guitar from the store, but I'm saving up to hopefully make a LPC my first. Bucket list item for me!

Beautiful guitar. I think the LPC is the best guitar ever made.


Active member
Sep 14, 2018
I'm not normally a fan of non-ebony customs but that is a very handsome guitar! I had a guitar with richlite before and as you say couldn't even tell the difference. If anything I swear that guitar was more stable for it. It was certainly more stable than any other guitar I had, I don't think I ever adjusted the truss rod on it and the only other guitar that is true for is the Parker Fly.