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P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences


Swirling Vortex of Sound, Classic Club
Jul 15, 2001
I recently happened into a lovely Pelham Blue R6 that is a joy to play... I've owned plenty of Les Pauls, but never of the P-90 variety.. It just sings with my '68 Super Reverb, and have no immediate plans to change out any parts. That said, I have found in my experiences with humbuckers that if the "guitar is right", you can can add some icing to the cake with the right set. From what I have found with P-90's, there seems to be subtle differences in sets..

What have you found out there that has brought that "icing" to your P-90 equipped guitar?
I really like it he 50s Lollar set I got for a super dark guitar I build. My favs were a set of ‘bucker-sized P90s Zhangbucker made for me. Having said that, I really like the Gibsons that came in my 19 LP Classic.