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peavey classic 50 410


New member
Aug 15, 2006
Hello just picked up a peavey classic 50..only have it a day..The enternal speaker jack is in the 16 ohm..theres also an 8 ohm rec...can i use either one.With out harming the amp.also when i add the 15speaker cab how do i set it up..410 in the 16 ohm and 15 in the 8ohm or the oppsite sorry for the lame question..thanks


Active member
Jan 30, 2002
I think that's poorly labeled. If it works like a Classic 30, then plugging in to the "8 ohm" jack will switch the transformer from the 16 ohm tap to the 8 ohm tap. This means an extension cabinet should be 16 ohms if you're going to use it with the internal speakers. Or, you can disconnect the internal speakers and plug an 8 ohm speaker into the "8 ohm" jack.