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Purchases I regret and get angry when I think about them


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Sep 1, 2023
everything could be made better
I’m not taking away anyone’s freedom to tinker and change anything to make their version of a “better”guitar.. I believe the vast majority of top shelf guitars are very usable as stock.. but 99% of musicians get sucked into buying stuff they don’t need for example other brand pick ups.. when I believe the pick ups (in Gibson’s and Fender’s) are more than sufficient to do the job.. and in my opinion, it’s the amp that’s probably the issue or a simple eq pedal will get you any sound you want.

Don’t take it personal

Never will…and I believe it was directed at me.. (was tagged by him but it was removed)


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Apr 15, 2015




Nope. Didn't pull the trigger on any of these local CL bargains...

There was also a Gibson J-45 for $1200 (Didn't save the pic) that I didn't bite on, either....

S. Weiger

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Nov 25, 2002
Had a few regrettable deals in the past:

-1987: A 1962 refin pink Fender Strat, with no mention of 2 non original pickups ('70-ish).
Seller: "Vintage & Rare guitars ltd" London.

-2002 ca: A 1939 Gibson ES-150 CC model with no mention of severe cracks on the back & non original pickup.
Seller: dealer on Ebay UK.

-2006 ca: A 1965 Gibson SG Custom orig. polaris white, which turned out to be a (okay) refin! Reimbursement / discount? Seller tried to further dupe me with stalling by stating he most certainly did wire me 30% of my purchase price. Half a year later he closed his ebay account.
Seller: another dealer on Ebay UK.

I was beginning to see a pattern here ^^ ... ;)

So no more UK buying for me for many years (-only from one respected & trusted dealer, if I considered a UK purchase.)
There's certainly lessons to be learned, and in the meantime I educated myself as much as possible (friends, guitar shows, books,
-the LPF Forum ❤️ etc. you know the drill.) The above mistakes does not make me angry anymore. :)

-2022: Still open so no details, but if negotiations go south you will hear about it in full, believe me!


All Access/Backstage Pass
Sep 17, 2002
I have no regrets of buying - I only regret NOT buying a few things. Namely a specific EP-2 echoplex that was life changing. The BEST thing I've bought are my amps! I have always subscribed to the "Buy once, cry once" approach and have a fully paid for collection due to that fact.
People will always want the best of the best.

Echo this sentiment, biggest regret was purchase NOT made, by FAR. 2018 Dave's Guitar had quite a load of the Braz R9's, (inventory that actually stuck around for a long time.) I was SO on the fence about pulling the trigger. Just couldn't justify the upcharge at the time.