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Recent convert to WCR Crossroads and an observation...

Ed A

Well-known member
Jul 16, 2001
Skychurch said:

What that clip done using the Crossroad neck or bridge pickup?


The one you are talking about on the WCR site is bridge pickup through my '65 Pro Reverb, D120s, no pedals....

Here is a clip I did yesterday with a set of Crossroads in my '59 reissue straight into my '67 100w Plexi and '70 Basketweave cab with 30 watters. No pedals, amp on ten. I wanted to see how close I could come to Claptons original tone on Fresh Cream. If you listen to the original studio cut I think the tone is really close especially the bright but sweet little phrase at the end on the bridge pup. The whole first part of the solo is the neck pup with tone on zero (classic Clapton woman tone).

http://h1.ripway.com/Ed A/Ifeelfree59crossroads67plexiFINAL.mp3
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Well-known member
Nov 21, 2003
Browneyes said:
Yep.. works for me now... Spidey what does your rig look like? Great clip, Page vibe.

Thanks mate - that was my '03 standard loaded with Crossroad pups into a Marshall 2100sl-x 100w head and greenback loaded 4x12. I had the gains turned quite low,just so it was just starting breaking up but was using a power break so I could have the master cranked. I then kicked in a Bluesbreaker 2 pedal during the middle, set to a clean boost.

With regards to the Page vibe - the jam was totally un-planned as we were sound checking but I was certainly in a 'since I've been loving you' frame of mind.


New member
Jul 16, 2001
Rafael said:
I just wish I could get stuff with the quality you guys have in the USA in Brazil, and for the same price (FWIW, a pair of classic 57 in Brazil costs 450 dollars)



Formerly markeymark
May 29, 2003
Rafael said:
I will say only this: I was planning to buy an R8 since my Standard was sounding not so good. I was going to get it in NY on my next travel (I'm actually here right now).

Well, I got my hands on a CR/DB set before the trip, and it just made me forget about the R8. So here I am, taking home a 1962 reissue Telecaster Custom.

In the end, I really thing this was a good decision. The WCRs made my guitar sound 1000 times better, and now I can have 2 completely different guitars, thus a better range of tones coming out of my gear.

Congratulations to Jim Wagner... such an awesome guy, amazingly helpfull and full of joy. I just wish I could get stuff with the quality you guys have in the USA in Brazil, and for the same price (FWIW, a pair of classic 57 in Brazil costs 450 dollars)

rock on

Same combo that I put into my Braz. PRS McCarty. Best tone I have ever heard.