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Short shaft cts pots.


May 23, 2020
About 15 years ago I had the harebrained idea of fitting vintage parts to a les Paul standard, hadn’t really picked up on the whole historic thing at that time. So not really knowing what the hell I was doing I ordered 4 cts pots from an eBay seller in the ‘states, listed as removed from a 335 1960 or some such. Cannot remember what tbh. Any ways I have just found them and measured them. Two are 550k and two are 450k. So will probably get round to fitting them to something, will compare to pots on my R9. What I also bought was a pair of supposed bumblebees, although armed with new knowledge I see there is no solder bulb At either end, but I am curious as to what rating they actually are. But how do I measure them?


Active member
Jun 25, 2007
You need a capacitance meter to measure capacitor values (unsurprisingly!). Some multimeters have the facility to measure capacitance but many do not, search for "capacitance meter" or "LCR meter" if you are looking for one. The coloured bands on bumblebee capacitors indicate the nominal ratings with the first 3 bands indicating the capacitance value (the other bands indicate the tolerance percentage and the voltage rating), the usual value in Gibson guitars would be red red orange which indicates 22000pF (0.022uF).


New member
Aug 17, 2002
cool ..when you get it just set it to 200nF and you’re good to go:salude