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Should I change pickups?


Dr. Nick, 'Hi Everybody'
Aug 9, 2001
My 1974 Custom is "not screwed with" and untouched without any mods. Would you go against breaking the solder joints and replacing the pickups? I was thinking of a gold covered Duncan Jazz in the neck and a Duncan Distortion in the bridge. That was Randy Rhoads' set-up on his V's, but his Custom's electronics were alll stock according to his tech. I would obviously keep all of the original parts, and I do not plan on selling it.

If you do recommend changing the pickups, any other suggestions instead of a jazz and distortion? I want a nice clean "jazz" tone in the neck, but I want hard rock/heavy metal in the bridge.

...thanks for the new column Lily



Mesa Master
Jul 19, 2001
you almost got it right for my tastes anyhow.........definately a jazz in the neck and a custom in the bridge.

Dave Z

New member
Oct 4, 2001
FWIW..I have a SD 'Jazz' bucker in the bridge of my SG. It *is* an exceptionally sweet, well-balanced pickup. But it's also more powerful than you'd think, has great sensitivity & works very well in high gain situations. Very articulate. Balances well with higher-output humbuckers ('tone zone' in my case).