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SOLD: 1964 spec 1965 SG


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Aug 28, 2012

During the course of the pandemic I bought a number of guitars I wanted. In some cases, I floated the expense of a guitar and have to sell one or more to cover the expense.

I am looking to sell my very early 1965 Gibson SG.

The guitar is 95% of the desirable Harrison spec '64. the only two items on the guitar that are 1965 spec is the early 1965 serial number (according to guitarHQ) and the chrome cover on the Maestro Vibrola. It seems in 1965, it is common to have a mixture of nickel and chrome parts. The guitar is currently listed on Reverb, but I'm hoping this community will be more fruitful. The guitar has the desirable 1 11/16 nut width.

In all transparency, I paid $21k for the guitar. It was what appeared to be the cleaner option of '64 spec SG's on the market, and at the time thought it was something I would end up keeping, so I jumped on it. I probably spent too much, as I'm likely to take a loss. Maybe that will help on my taxes?

The guitar has sweet checking throughout, and no neck or heel breaks. The pickguard is broken off at the tip. The tip is located in the case. Also, the nut (I believe replaced) has a shim under it. This does not effect the playability and if I didn't disclose it, you might not notice it.

My goal is to have $18k in my pocket after shipping and fees. I will accept paypal or a direct wire to my bank account.

Weight: 7.42 lbs
Pickup Measurements:
Bridge: 8.04
Neck: 7.62

Here is a video of the guitar from the shop I bought it from:

Please ask questions. I will accept a 24 hour review of the guitar for authenticity of being what I said it is, but I won't accept a return due to buyers remorse.

For some reason I'm not able to add pictures from my imgur account. Please contact me directly for pictures.










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