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Something NEW?? (PICS)

Dan Erlewine

New member
Jul 18, 2001
Lil-Junior . . (the sequel). Something NEW?? (PICS)

Hey folks, I'm trying to get these guitars in tune, and doing quite well. Something else that I forgot to tell about I have messed with abit. Don't be surprised if you see any or all of these simple doo-dads available. (I'd love to get a consensus here as to whether or not you like the idea(s).

ONE: This is a plug made from brass, threaded, and slotted. It is 3/16" thick. . .


TWO: You can screw it down into the anchor bushing a measured-amount . . .


THREE: This is a TONE-PROS "top-lock stud which I drilled and tapped on the bottom end as many Floyd-studs, etc.


FOUR: Screw in the brass plug to the depth you want, and tighten the set-screw. THE THREADS ARE TIGHT IN THE ANCHOR


FIVE: It's a tight lock on this Melody Maker!


OF COURSE: It goes without saying that this little brass "plumber's plug" . . that's what it looks like) works real well with ANY original tailpiece stud (in case you don't want any aftermarket stuff, such as Tone-Pros, etc. I happen to love what Tone-Pros has done for "coupling," as they say to transmit tone. Why wouldn't we want to "couple"? Just kidding).

It's a simple little piece, but if you could buy a pair would you?

thanks, dan
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Dan, if you ever want to copy a thread to here, just give any of the mods or Lily a holler. It's only a couple keystrokes for us. :)
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