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Stress.??-- crack???

andy k

New member
Dec 6, 2006
I hope I can get away with this,
I have a worrying problem on one of my Pauls, which isn't a Gib, and wondered if anyone had any information on a similar experience.
This particular guitar is a Jimmy Page #1 replica, and has what looks to be a crack across the neck behind 7-8 frets--- very hard to photograph, as it is only visible in certain light, and doesn't go all the way across, maybe half to 3-4 way from treble to bass, It seems to be below the finish-- ie, there is nothing to see/ feel, and you have to really get it in the right light to see it-- but it worries me.
I actually prefer the neck shapes on my R7, and R9, but like having this JP thing to hand cos it sounds really good, and plays well - it has a very slim ,shallow neck shape-- not sure how it compares to the original shaved profile, but definitely a lot thinner than my others.
It stays perfectly in tune, and has done for a long while, although I do have a bit of fret buzz, and would like to put my favourite heavier gauge strings on it-- EB skinny top heavy bottom,
I think it has something a bit lighter on it now,
I'm a bit worried that if I try to change anything - I might eventually have the neck snap on me.
I tried to explain this to a repair guy on the phone once, and his advice was to just play it and see what happens.
When I HAVE to change the strings, I will put my brand on , and I suspect it will correct the buzz by itself-- but I will be VERY cautious about adjusting the TR.
I don't have a problem if this gets moved backstage, just posted it here to try and get maximum exposure, wondering if anybody ever experienced a similar thing, and it's effects on tone maybe??
I'm sure there is something structurally wrong here-- but because it appears to be below the finish, maybe it's more like a natural defect, and not something that affects the strength of the neck - at least that's what I tell myself.
I keep seeing a mental picture of townsends les Paul -- but in slow motion.
I'll let you know what happens when it happens.
Cheers guys
Andy k


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2003
IF the wood has cracked to a serious extent, the finish will be cracked and you will be able to see the crack open up as you flex the neck in an up-bow direction....that is, as you push the headstock to cause greter relief. Until that happens, I agree with the phone diagnosis and suggestion.