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The New Format Looks And Works Great!!!

Aug 27, 2019
Well this is something new for this wonderful forum that has been around for centuries! There are now 'LIKE' buttons of various sorts for member's posts...an updated option trending on many other guitar and gear related forums who have updated or upgraded their forum formats and now are trying to catch up to Facebook & Twitter, etc. At least now it has more interactive options. This might inspire more people to join...unless they are bots.:sick: I'm glad the graphics & layout are still about the same on here....the layout of this forum is still very appealing with the graphics. I understand that this forum does not generate a lot of money like the MyLesPaul forum who is able to afford these kind of upgrades...but I'm glad this forum is keeping up with the times. What are your opinions?

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ch willie

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Jun 7, 2007
I love the new software. This is the best upgade to any of the fora I'm on. Great work!