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Thin neck LPs?


New member
Oct 12, 2021
I have owned a 1986 Gibson Les Paul studio, an Epiphone custom and a 2018 Epiphone Prophecy GX with Gibson pickups.

The necks on the Studio and Epi custom feel very similar.

The neck on the Prophecy is a dream! They describe it as "SpeedTaper satin necks with binding, jumbo frets, set mahogany, "D" profile."

I am curious, what other Les Paul body shaped guitars are out there with a similar neck configuration?

The new prophecy line has the extreme weight relief body cut and many people say it makes the guitar feel like a toy. That prophecy GX is so heavy LOL. ESP makes quality guitars and they have a Les Paul lineup, but everything I read says they don't have the thin d-profile necks. Appreciate any responses!