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TonePros Single Line Button Tuners - will they fit real vintage ES-330?


Nov 3, 2007
Hey All --

Want to replace the original Kluson single-line button tuners on my vintage '61 ES-330 with the better gear ratio (15:1) and more sensitive tuning of these TonePros replacements --


But the big question is, "Will they fit perfectly without any alteration of the guitar?" Don't want to make ANY mods, etc. to my guitar. No routing, no nothin'.

Does anyone know from actual experience whether these will fit or not? Many thanks in advance for any help! Many thanks for any help in advance!


New member
Oct 1, 2011
[QUOTEProduct Description

TonePros TPKVW-N Kluson Single Line Tuners 3 x 3 Vintage Bushing – Nickel
The vintage inspired TonePros Kluson V Series has the same qualities as the TonePros Kluson Model TPKG3, but with a vintage single line tuner back. It is a classic three per side style tuner, but redesigned on the inside to have completely sealed housing, 15:1 tuning ratio, and quality component tuner technology. It maintains original post height and specifications and is available with a vintage white button.
The TPKVW Series has a vintage style press in bushing.

Press in bushing vs hexhead screw in bushing. These look like the ones used on LPJr