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Treasure Hunters Roadshow & IVGCA Are Done


Active member
Dec 31, 2002
I guess all the assertions that IVGCA was a scam or a sham were true....just not necessarily in the way most had guessed.

The Real MC

New member
Dec 13, 2007
He has a long history of tax dodging, failing to collecting employee withholding, unpaid payroll to employees, falling behind on rent and lease payments, exploiting shell corporations to shield assets, bouncing checks from scamshow customers, and exploiting political connections to protect himself. All to enrich himself and his soon-to-be-ex with two mansions (one in Athens), countless luxury cars, vacation property with four boats. He leaves behind a trail of lawsuits and the judge overseeing his divorce has ordered all physical storage belonging to his corporations locked up with two padlocks.

This scheming deceptor needs to go down, hard and fast.