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Virtual PAF's...

Des Howl

Les Paul Forum Member, Classic Club
Jul 20, 2001
Does it not even matter what year the Gibson Alnico-V magnets are?

I was reading in the 'burst book that casting alloy magnets is rather tricky, and therefore magnets can be quite individual in a given YEAR. So I wondered how consistent Gibson would be (year to year) with alloy metal ratios when they can't even make the same color plastic twice (wink-wink nudge-nudge..)

(I'll admit it's really a different thing.) This could explain some difference of opinion on how the mod sounds, taking in account this "variable constant" (heh heh.)


Active member
Aug 25, 2001

Thanks Big Al, LHakim and everyone else involved with this discovery... it is truly an amazing thing:wow. These pickups sound killer:smokin... just absolutely killer!
Des Howl: fyi: the P-90 I got the magnets from is out of a '98 R4... hope that helps. :)