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Vox AC30tb 78-85 reverb tank


Well-known member
Sep 1, 2023
Just a quick question about the reverb tanks on the Rose Morris Vox ac30 top boost reverb tanks circa 85-78..
does anyone have experience with how these tanks perform.. after a few months playing mine.. Ive noticed that with the reverb on full, it doesn’t really give a deep, overwhelming spring reverb..
I would’ve thought the reverb tank at full whack would’ve been very evident .. and at full, it does sound a little weak.. maybe sounds @circa 35% ?

I read that the tanks on these models were rather weak.. but I’m wondering how weak..?
Would this be in relation to the cheaper tubes used at the time ?

I’m not looking to replace the tank.. (at this time) as I add reverb via the boss rv5 (may even dust off the old boss rx100) .. I’m just curious as to what is the correct depth of reverb from a semi-vintage tank.

Any information (and applicable mods to consider) would be appreciated.. ?