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Weir on tour using R6 Goldtop with Bigsby


New member
Dec 11, 2003
I saw him on Saturday night and he played the Goldtop for the last few songs of the show. Is it definitely an R6?? It looked pretty vintage…


Well-known member
Jun 27, 2003
A good friend of mine was the guitarist in Ratdog for 15 years. Mark Karan. I’ve been in a couple of bands with him back in the 90’s. I wish Bobby would use him instead of John Mayer. Mayer is a better overall singer though….


Active member
Feb 16, 2012
Also, many kudos to Meyer Sound for the quality of the PA. I've been close to the Mix Station for my shows and the sheds are like a great sound system but outside.

The stadium a bit less defined imaging but still total quality at volume. No need for ear plugs, not after affects, and everything sounds great.

Only nitpicks are level of Weir and sometime Oteil in the mix, but that's the mix not the reinforcement; why other acts and companies don't care to achieve such results is beyond me (well not really...).
Honestly, everyone I’ve worked with over the past few years has had Meyer, Clair Brothers, 8th Day, etc….

This summer’s Dead tour is using new arrays that Meyer just developed. They really sound great so that’s probably what you’re hearing.