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When it all comes together


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Jun 9, 2007
Saturday the bass player and singer couldn't make it so the other guitar player and the drummer and I got together to to disturb the peace FTFOI. We did some Zep (Custard Pie), and Red House (of course- only lasted 12 minutes)- and went on to Waiting for the Bus - all of these are tunes we, as a band, don't play. There were others- you heard them at high school talent shows.
It's interesting- left to my own devices, as an amplified musician, I tend to not play very loud. In fact, when I am with other guitarists and they give the volume knob that twist to the right, say in a store- or a home studio- I start a bit.
Anyway- we were doing Waiting for the Bus- and i was playing the R9 into my 2061X (Slub says it a mini- 1959-yep), into a 2x12 with 1978 Blackbacks. I had staggered a couple of OD pedals set low- very low- then hit the boost pedal.
Then what happened?
I saw God. (Everyone- "You saw God!?")
I have heard that tone a couple of times- Bonamassa at the Florida Theatre, Aerosmith at the Syracuse War Memorial, and JD Simo at the Center Stage in Atl. When Music meets the chainsaw- a touch more than slapback echo- double-tone on the pinch harmonics- the distortion just blends with the note. It was loud. It made the drummer smile.
And I saw it was good.
I'll be back.
I want to hear amazing tone moments- full details please.


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Jun 10, 2020
I met 'God' once and he signed my guitar - Peter Green...

Regarding the guitar tone thing. Not as much of an occasion, nevertheless...
Back in the late '80s, when I was a whippersnapper and first started taking tools to guitars, I obtained a 'junk' Strat body that a guy had been using to test his staining skills - nothing special, just a cheap Strat copy body - for about 10 quid. I attached a Strat neck (Double Eagle IIRC) and some Fender hardware and pickups I had lying around, prior to painting it. Plugged it in... Holy moly, it was mind blowing... the thing sustained like a Burst AND bloomed like it was possessed.
I then stripped it, painted it (acrylic car paint), rebuilt it... and the magic was gone.
I can only assume that the stars aligned, I'd fluked a neck and body that were perfect for each other and then ruined it all by caking the body in plastic.


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Feb 16, 2004
Great story and I'm sure a fun night! Congrats!

I have found there are certain nights where I find myself in the "Zone". My tone alligns with my limited abilities, the rest of the band has that gimmer and everyone knows the stars have aligned. For me, in addition to my guitar tone, my monitor mix has to be a part where it too submersses me in the color of the song. I guess there are simillarities with a painter and pallet of paint ready to create something special. Creating music in a band is such a special and intimate activitiy that I really cherish! MHO