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Whereabouts of '68 Goldtop #52886X?

Bruce R

Well-known member
Mar 2, 2007
Out of curiosity I am wondering where an old '68 Goldtop of mine ended up after all these years. When I bought it, in the mid-70's, the top had been stripped and given a walnut stain, then I had it routed for humbuckings (many of us did it in those days) and a gold top was given. After finding it too heavy I traded it in at Norman's in 1980 for the '69 LPC I still own today. At today's prices I couldn't afford to buy it back, so I thought it would be fun to know how it's doing.

Here is the only photo I have. And no, I don't have the Strats either.


  • Goldtop sn 528863 56&63 strat.jpg
    Goldtop sn 528863 56&63 strat.jpg
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