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Why we own guitars


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Nov 16, 2021
I used to restore antique American motorcycles for a living.
I'm pretty good at it.
I have one on the lift now that might fetch $100k when I'm done.
Too bad it's not mine!
Anyway...stick with me...I'm on track.
It used to be a bunch of quirky working guys (and some gals); but it got popular.
Next thing you know, people are losing 1/4 of a point for not having the correct 5-point crimp on their ignition wire terminals.
Then...the big step...a guy had a 100 point bike, save a big deduction because he wouldn't start it. It had no gas or oil in it and he had no intention of putting fluids in his "perfect" motorcycle.
Suddenly, many of us found out that there was another reason to own a motorcycle that had nothing to do with riding.
There is, of course, a range...those for whom riding is most important, those for whom it's least important and most fall somewhere between the 2 extremes.
But, over the years, we've seen MANY more folks for who riding is less important. These folks tend to gravitate toward certain motorcycles. Generally very expensive ones.
Of course, what I'm getting at is, guitar ownership has gone in a very similar direction and, for whatever reason, Les Pauls seem to be the guitar of choice for the guitar equivalent of the 5-point crimp crowd.
Those of us who are on the player end of the spectrum often struggle with the folks who focus on the minutia of the instrument itself, but I've come to know that there are many reasons to own guitars, and many ways to enjoy them.
As a mechanic, I also struggle with tool collectors.
I used to drive by a house that had a 250# anvil on the front lawn...painted red...with their house number painted on it.
I used to beg them to sell it to me so I could use it for what it was intended...but they loved it and it was sort of a part of their identity to be the anvil-on-the-lawn people.
It's fine.
I guess...


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Mar 15, 2015
A lot of guitars have been sold to non-players over the years. I've sold many of them. Usually the buyer has a special kind of love for the instrument, maybe a childhood memory or a favorite song but never got around to learning to play.
I have always wanted to play, started at 4, got serious at 13 and always had guitar or music related jobs. I see my guitars and amps as tools, to be used extensively but also as an investement, I'd rather have 10 guitars I can use than 10 holidays but that's just me.


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Jul 16, 2015
I appreciate guitars from every aspect. I have collector grade instruments and real players that can't be put down. I can find a way to appreciate any guitar. Even something like an Ibanez or a 7 string - while they really aren't my thing, I'm glad they exist and could see myself owning just about any guitar if I think it looks cool enough or does something unique that another guitar couldn't. I always find a reason to like something.

Wait... I nearly forgot Chinese guitars exist. I don't appreciate them.


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Mar 28, 2009
Playing guitars has, without a single doubt, proved to be the best investment I've ever made as a human being.

I no longer consider it self flattery to refer to myself as a Musician.

My pockets are shallow, which in truth is an irrelevance, my love of the game is profound. I can get a tune out of a string on a biscuit tin.

I've also observed that the deep pocket brigade and their knowledge of the minutiae share the same profundity and generosity of spirit.

When I've got an amp humming behind me, and something slung over my shoulder, and I'm ready to communicate something, I know I'm in with a chance.

Wot larks.

Doc Sausage

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Nov 21, 2006
I’m with the ‘enjoy all aspects’ crowd. I play them and hang them on the wall to display. I too appreciate the mechanical world. I can honestly say I own Martin’s and Gibson’s. It would be financially impossible for me to say I own Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s. Even though the former have the ability to fetch prices similar to the latter, in some cases.

That puts me in pretty sweet company, in my opinion.


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Nov 23, 2004
Yes' I’ve been watching the same things happen with guitars, motorcycles and cars. It’s probably happening with many other collectibles as well, which I may not follow as closely.


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Aug 30, 2002
I was intrigued the idea of the guitar since I first got one in my paws--a classical that my mom bought to teach herself to play. And then the Beatles came along and I knew I just had to have one. I wanted it in the worst way...but my parents had already bought me a clarinet--at my request--for school band and they refused to buy me another musical instrument. It took years until I saved up enough money to buy my own, but I've been hooked ever since.

Man, I love everything about it...the looks, the sound, the feel, the smell, amplifiers, pedals, the inner workings of everything...but mostly just playing with other people. There's just not a better feeling in the world than playing with people and having it really sound good. I feel lucky to be able to experience that and feel sorry for all the poor schmucks who never will.


Jul 15, 2001
I was one of those kids who saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and that was it - had to play guitar! I will also sheepishly admit that I was enamored with watching the Monkees on TV during that era and was further enamored with guitars. My first guitar was a 1934 Martin O-17 that my Dad bought from a friend at work for $10. We got it appraised and my Dad told him it was worth much more, and his friend wouldn't accept more because he wanted me to play and enjoy it. I still have that Martin, and it rings like a bell. Had a Guild Capri hollow body that was traded in for a Strat and an SG when I got in a band in 8th grade and then another band in high school and early college years. Got married and had children and the guitar rarely saw the light of day for about a decade. Then a "Talent Show" at work prompted a bunch of us to pull out our guitars and amps, and the rest is history! Started playing again regularly with a few groups, and the collecting bug hit me! I love playing, collecting and writing about guitars and amps. A huge joy in my life, along with my work, marriage, children and now grandchildren.
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Apr 19, 2022
We all love playing guitar. I was inspired by my grandfather. He gave me a guitar in 1992 as a birthday gift. He owned a guitar shop. Later on, My father worked there. Now it's shut down. I have kept that guitar safely till now in memory of him. Now I am thinking to start the same business again and make it a brand.
I was planning to start this business here in Texas. Right now many things have changed so I am reading the texas business entity search.
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