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Win to Bid Ratio


New member
Dec 15, 2011
In the good old days, ebay would list all the bidders (by user name) for an auction. Thus, you could compile short-term statistics on the number of wins vs. the number of bids, assuming that feedback was left for each auction. I think my slugging percentage is around 600 (six wins per every ten bids). Buy-it-now auctions make it easy to maintain a high batting average. On large ticket items, one or two surgical bids are all that I am interested in placing. During the course of an auction, it is good to know how committed a bidder is to winning. Without knowing his win : bid ratio, it is difficult to size up your competition. The work day is too busy to baby sit an auction, and perform your own last-minute bidding.

Of course, statistics are meaningless in estimating the impact of snipe - ing (especially the automated variety).

Now, the postmortem statistics of the buyer who won this auction are very suspicious:


This fellow has placed 28 bids in 30 days, and has a feedback score of only 1. What is that? A slugging percentage of 7.1? Oh, you have got to be kidding.