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Your Best Concert Ever?


Apr 2, 2020
Too many to remember. Can't recall the exact dates.

Allman Brothers Band - Fillmore East. The high lasted through the morning. This was music at its best, almost transcendental.

Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company - Fillmore East. Never had the opportunity to attend the first Monterey Pop festival, but this was a close second. Janis had so much energy she could have lit up the city without Con Ed.

BB King, Blues festival somewhere close to 2002-2004. When you see a band live, you can experience their groove from head to toe. BB gave me one of his picks after the concert. Yes, I was in row A, center. Not too often do I beat the Ticketmaster system. Nowadays, it would be impossible with bot attacks stealing all the good tickets.

Rolling Stones, Giants Stadium. Without a doubt, the best live rock band I've ever heard. Why? The discography! Very few bands get to write even 10% of what the Stones created. A mini stage popped up at half time. The Stones were front and center for the rest of the concert.


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Sep 2, 2003
For me, Neil Young, January 24,1973 at Madison Square Garden. We saw him in New Haven, and were floored by how awesome the music was. Then my buddy Mitch got tickets to this show. Show was opened both nights by Linda Rondstadt. Midway through the concert (I think right after Cinnamon Girl or Southern Man) someone ran out on stage and handed Neil a note. Neil then announced that the VietNam war was over. The place erupted! I still get goosebumps when I think about that.


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Jul 8, 2021
The 1975 concert in 2016 in London. I've been a fan since 2013, and when I was given tickets to their show, I was over the moon. Most of all I loved the performance of 'somebody else' it was magical. I now organize concerts and festivals for student bands in the UK. We travel around the country and negotiate with the owners of pubs, venues, and so on. I really liked the lighting system at this concert, and we ordered a similar one for our festival in 2019 from https://www.ontourevents.co.uk/event-lighting-hire. We often work with them. Conveniently, this company can call the development of 3d models because you often need to know how the lighting will work in some non-standard rooms and venues. It immediately reduces the level of anxiety about the event. Thanks to this concert, I realized what I wanted to do.
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