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  1. clayville

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    I realize there are current supply chain and production capacity limitations as well as other priorities, but I wonder if there are plans to reintroduce the CS-336 and CS-356 ? Wiith so few all-new designs launched over the last 20 years, those two particularly suffered (in my view) from website...
  2. clayville

    Let's say..... there was this guitar player.....

    Not sure if this will help any, but here goes: I'm a mostly self-taught blues hound and have been playing for 40 years. Good ear, can make musical noises in the right key and generally hold my own in most situations I encounter. Makes me happy, makes others happy on occasion. My knowledge of...
  3. clayville

    ES-339 Serial Number Altered?

    My guess is the guitar may have picked up some indents when the finish was still quite new and soft, but who knows? That seems more likely to me than some sort of alteration to the serial number or a "factory second" indication - stamped numbers (and painted ones) can come out less than perfect...
  4. clayville

    ES-339 Serial Number Altered?

    Not much help here from a single photo. I'm assuming this is a Trans Ebony ES-339 with that black headstock. At first the serial number itself troubled me - I'm more familiar with the earlier "ME XXXXX" serial numbers from the Memphis Custom Shop era. But apparently ES-339's have used several...
  5. clayville

    ES-140T anybody?

    I've had an odd obsession with these 3/4 size guitars for about a decade since picking one up off the wall at Mark's Guitar Loft for a few minutes many years ago. Still don't own one, but the GAS runs strong and I continue to sniff around and stare at them on Reverb. Anyone care to praise or...
  6. clayville


    Nice of Alex to get out in front of this thing at last. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3894847 :jim
  7. clayville

    Political Junkie Detox?

    As I prepare to enter Political Junkie Detox for a while, there's still the lingering questions of, say, Alaska's Senate race (or Minnesota's... or who won Missouri) before the various recounts and runoffs. I'm not sure why I find Alaska interesting (other than the prospect of returning a...
  8. clayville

    Playing with fire?

    To me, John McCain is a weary and ineffectual but well-meaning public servant caught in an unenviable position... one not of his making or of his choice, one concocted and goaded by the likes of Fox and Limbaugh to confuse, obscure, deflect and deceive... to demon-ize and negate anything the...
  9. clayville

    McCain. Blinks.

    So... I realize as I write this that it's a fast-breaking "story" and all but lemme get this straight: Obama calls McCain and (after he returns his call six hours later) they are said to come to an agreement about issuing a joint statement concerning the financial crisis and the need to solve...
  10. clayville


    Two things: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080916/ap_on_re_as/as_pakistan and http://www.slate.com/id/2200134/
  11. clayville

    OK Biden fans...

    ...sell me. I've been re-learning about him for a couple of hours (after writing him off as a "non-starter" at the beginning of this political season). A quick search here indicates that many of the political junkies in this hidey-hole have been supporters of his in the past. What say you now?
  12. clayville

    NBA Playoffs

    Anybody catch that Celtics-Cleveland game 7? :wow I confess I'm not a huge basketball fan (just got swept up by the local interest), but dang that was an exciting thing to watch. LeBron James played like a man possessed, and if it hadn't been for Paul Pierce I could have said "... but it takes...
  13. clayville

    For the geek who has almost everything...

  14. clayville

    Keef, you beauty!

    This was fun... http://men.style.com/gq/features/full?id=content_6699&pageNum=1
  15. clayville

    So... Eliot Spitzer

    I don't quite know why I'm even bringing this sordid mess up, "Happy Valentine's Day to Me" aspect and all. I'm sure there'll be lots of glee in some circles on Wall Street, and there's certainly nothing quite like a sanctimonious crusader brought low... of any stripe. :ganz I'm all for...