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  • Hey Joe! New guitar player here! I just started learning to play last December after spending my entire life in awe of Duane Allman, who I proudly share middle names with, thanks to my dad. His biggest fan next to me lol. You've been a huge inspiration to me, as well, Joe. I just hate that, I waited until 38 yrs old to learn to play. Better late than never, huh?

    Thank you for all of the music and beautiful gear you share with us. The amount of respect I have for you is immeasurable. Hope you have a great New Year! Play Dickeys guitar for me! I only wish my first live electric guitar experience could've been an Allman Brothers Band concert. I can only imagine. Peace, Brother!
    Hello Joe. Don’t know if you would be interested. But my in-laws bought tickets for your date at the Hershey theatre in March. I am a 49 year old gigging musician and admire not only your playing but your vintage collection. I have a 1952 Goldtop that is my prize possession and was wondering if a. You would want to play it for a song or b. Possibly meet up backstage to chat about vintage guitars if you have the time. You have always seemed like a super laid back guy. And my friend sold you some parts at the Philadelphia guitars show years ago (missed you by 20 min). Anyhow forgive me if you find this inappropriate or being to forward. But we are both Italians paisan lol! Thank you for any consideration in advance. 717.515.6728. Later, Brian
    Joe. About that Brown '54 of yours. On YouTube, There is a video of the band Chicago playing in Japan in '72. On the song, "Questions 67 and 68", Terry Kath is playing what looks to be a Brown Les Paul. On this song, he plays some smokin' runs on one part, so it must have been the on he grabbed when he wanted clean and fast. The guitar sounds fantastic even though he's playing crazy fast runs through all of the brass stuff. I just thought it may be something to look into if You don't know the entire history of Old Brown.
    Dear joe, you talked with me over 2 years ago, on my old Les Paul forum account, with tips on how to make my vibrato more appealing. I'd love to thank you for telling me these things, because they all worked very well! My vibrato is now close to where I'd like it to be! I still work on my upward vibrato I heard you are playing the Fox theatre again soon! Very exciting, me and my dad are two huge fans of yours and I really see the relationship you had with your dad as a kid in my realtionship with my dad, my family is not very financially stable, but however, this may be a Longshot, my dad told me we couldn't afford to go to the show, but that if I somehow miraculously got you to agree to meet and jam with me, he said we could make the trip! I know it's a longshot, and that you are probably the busiest guy in the world, but I would love to meet and talk to you sir, just shaking your hand would be the greatest day of my life, thank you Joe, have a great day! Rock on! #KeepTheBluesAlive!
    Hey Joe, Just read your message about Grovers making your new burst sound better. I just bought a 52 Goldtop. I know its not a burst, but I never thought I would own a 50's Les Paul other than my Junior. It is a headstock repair done years ago but still sounds amazing. Would putting Grovers on be risky to further damage to the headstock? Meaning the original Klusons have been on for 65 years! Didnt know if routing the hole bigger would be touchy. Just wondering. I gig regularly and I wanted the sound not collector value anyhow.
    THANKYOU JOE and Co for coming up to western Canada and playing an incredible show for us in Regina last night! Please come back soon. Huge thank you for signing that Les Paul pickguard for me before the show. It shall be proudly displayed on my studio wall with other pickguards signed by Eric Johnson, Buddy Guy, Steve Morse, Sonny Landreth, etc. Best house sound I've ever heard in that old hockey rink and, bar none, the greatest guitar tone and playing to rattle that old orange tin roof ever!
    Hi Joe
    Sorry to bother you but could you tell me the chord sequence to "Asking Around For You"
    Hi Joe,
    Not sure if you read these, but worth a shot. I am looking at a used Cat 5 50w JB head that someone has up for sale. Just seeking your honest opinion as there is not much to be found on these. Good for small club venues (100 people)? I was hoping for something a little more versatile tone wise than a 50 Jube at volumes where I'm not melting faces in the front row. I know tone is all a matter of opinion, but, I figured none better to ask on this particular head. We are classic rock and blues cover/original by the way. Thank you in advance. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

    Hey Joe quick question for you.. do you still judge the ISC? I just entered 10 songs and was wondering as you are the only judge on that panel I know of. Thanks~!
    Hi Joe.

    I want to thank you for all the music you have given the world. A few years ago I was falling out of love with guitar playing, and had sold all but 1 of my guitars and hardly ever played it, then I heard your music and it reinvigorated my love of guitar playing.

    "Why is he telling me this?" I hear you wondering. Well, the reason this all matters so much to me is this. As you may, or may not, know, rates of depression within the ambulance service are higher than any other emergency service and even higher than the military. I am a paramedic and suffered with depression for a few years. However, I have found that my newfound love of guitar playing has been a great outlet that has helped me to relieve some of the stresses from work and has most definitely helped with my depression. And the reason I got back into guitar was because of you.

    So thank you Joe, you helped transform my life!!

    "Original one owner 1960 Burst" ...Nov. 25th 2016 Show...Hello Joe...I'm a huge fan...and know you've seen/played more burst than any guy living.....but would be thrilled/honored if you would take a look at my 1960 Burst...I live 15 minutes from where you're playing Joe...and would love to meet you before the show if possible...My wife and I already have tickets...just thought I'd try to contact you a few weeks beforehand...I realize you stay super busy on the road all the time....but if you have a chance to respond...I'd sure appreciate it...Looking forward to hearing from you...Sincerely, Jim Mills jimmillsbanjo@msn.com
    Joe...King Harrison here....do you think I could get a ticket and meet you at your 2/2017 Jacksonville Show????
    Joe, a friend of mine sent me an email that you posted a picture of yourself with my Propeller on FB. I can remember when we met in Munich; you too? Several times I thought about writing some words to you; now I do (I´m not on FB). I have created a new guitar; she´s called "HardCandy" - very lightweight, and a class of it´s own (if I may say that :-))) It would be really cool, if I could do some work for you - whatcha think? Hopefully everything´s going well, wherever you may be right at the moment. In Bavaria we still have a beautiful summer - turning in an indian one. I would appreciate it very much if you wouldanswer me via info@jaegerguitars. com Yours sincerely, Florian.
    Looking forward to seeing the show at Newark Castle tomorrow Joe. I'll be in the VIP block A2 row B so closer than I've ever been to a real burst :) Let 'em rip!!!!
    hey Joe,
    greetings from a fellow guitar geek,
    i'm really looking forward to the BBI gig at Newark castle later this year, was wondering if you might be interested in seeing something I have-Beck related.
    Theres a bit of a story-which i cant go into here, but if you could drop me a PM so we can discuss in private--either way, keep on rocking.
    andy k
    Hi Joe.
    Just wanted to give you a headsup on two rare Marshall amps over here in Sweden.
    Its one JTM45/100 dual output Super Lead tremolo and one style 1 JMP Bluesbreaker, both original and have been over here since the early 70´s at least.
    Also if you come to Stockholm and want to play some bursts i can set you up with at least 6 of them including two that were originally sold here in Sweden that are not on Burst serial.
    You can reach me at dennis@9voltstudio.se
    Hey Joe, took your advice on a Wildwood video I saw with you mentioning the LP forum, thanks, lots of good stuff here for the LP fan. Been a long time fan of your playing and managed to pick up tickets to see you live for the first time in Binghamton in May, ya I'm from Syracuse, go cuse! Anyway I picked up a TH59 from Wildwood and was wondering if you would sign my controls cover. I understand if it's a problem and your too busy but figured I'd give it a shot, favorite guitar and favorite player. Love the collection, keep it going. Thanks for your time. Joe custominstallationsllc@yahoo.com sorry, thought this was a private message, newbie!
    Hi Joe,
    Taking a long shot here! I know you and Mike like to see some vintage gear on tour.
    Just bought tickets to you show in Belgium this summer! it's actually not that far from where i live. Really looking forward.
    I have a really nice 59 tv junior and a late 58 sc junior, together with a 58 (superb condition, and in my humble opinion
    one of the best sounding amps I've ever heard) fender tweed vibrolux. If you would like to have some fun, i'm more than
    willing to bring them to the show! If you would read this, I can imagine you have a lot of other things on your mind. You
    may always send me a message.

    Greetings and wishing you all the best!
    I understand you recently bought an ex-bigsby Burst (Snakebite)? I'm being offered $165-170k for mine, wondering if you feel that'd be a good price or not? Daughtry says it's in the ballpark, Bill Fajen thinks it's low by $10-15k, Tom Whittrock says he doesn't really know any more, and Dave Rogers is interested in trading me a really nice 57 GT (humbuckers, all mahogany, light as a feather and rings really nicely) and $85k for it... So I'm kind of confused (in the Burst Gang, player wear but all intact, some figuring, lemon burst fade, bigsby removed)... Tom said I should ask you, thanks if you feel up to answering. Oh, and if you're ever near Madison, WI, I've got another burst and a few guitars you'd be welcome to borrow. If you'd rather email, it's drbob@chorus.net.
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